Louder Fenn

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Bryan over at JunkYardBlog pointed out this article on cloning by Charles Krauthammer. I'm kind of pleased that Krauthammer ultimately uses -- as his strongest objection to cloning -- the argument that manfacturing humans for disposal is dangerous.
Creating a human embryo just so it can be used and then destroyed undermines the very foundation of the moral prudence that informs the entire enterprise of genetic research: the idea that, while a human embryo may not be a person, it is not nothing. Because if it is nothing, then everything is permitted. And if everything is permitted, then there are no fences, no safeguards, no bottom.
Since I have often made this point about "manufacture of humans," I'm tempted to say advantage Fenn! -- but, really, I'm much too humble.

Now, obviously I don't agree with Krauthammer that the embryo is merely "not nothing." Still, it is good that his voice is substantially with us. And did you know that Krauthammer is a member of the President's Council on Bioethics? In other words, he is a Minion of the Dark Lord Leon Kass. Yes indeed, that Council is nothing but a gaggle of unthinking Luddites.

P.S. I told myself I'd never say "advantage Fenn." It does lack humility. Still, it is so fun to say!

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