Louder Fenn

Friday, March 01, 2002

There's another selector out there, this one to determine your religion. Although I don't put too much stock in these things, I was actually worried that I'd not be what I think I am. As it was, there were no real surprises:

1. Eastern Orthodox (100%)
2. Roman Catholic (100%)
3. Conservative Protestant (89%)
4. Seventh Day Adventist (77%)
5. Orthodox Quaker (76%)
6. Orthodox Judaism (61%)

I don't know about 4 & 5. Probably akin to my scoring high as a Randian. Weird. Since my 1 & 2 were both 100%, I suppose they could be switched. Given the way the Church approaches some things these days (re Vatican II), maybe I am, in a way, more Eastern Orthodox sometimes; but only by today's diminished standards. I'm afraid I can't join my Eastern brethren in the Great Schism. But that's another issue...
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