Louder Fenn

Saturday, March 02, 2002

I just learned of these two documents from the Vatican: Ethics in Internet and The Church and Internet. I haven't read them yet, but I wanted to alert you to them.

Our friend Libertarians at Samizdata have already picked up on a quote, taken from an article in Wired, in which the Church mentions and condemns the libertarianism of the Internet. Samizdata headlines their posting thus: "Libertarians: the New Protestants?" I realize that they're being only half-serious; but really, the analogy would hold only if the Church had founded and now controlled the Internet. Samizdata thinks they are at the start of some great Rebellion; yet it is they, the perennial Rebels, who founded and control the Internet. The true Rebellion, if it comes, will not come from them; only the Church is in a true position to rebel.

P.S. When I say that libertarians "founded and control the Internet," I don't mean that in a shadowy, black-helicopter, X-Files kind of way. All I mean is that the computer and scientific communities are predominantly libertarian.
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