Louder Fenn

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Intelligent Design Is Better Than Porn
Part II: Pick a Team

I'll say it starkly: No one who truly believes in God can be an Evolutionist; no one who truly disbelieves in God can be anything but an Evolutionist.

Now, obviously there is such a thing as weak belief in God: Among those, for example, who imagine He just got the ball rolling and stepped aside -- thus making evolution possible, if not necessary. But such a God is no God. He's just a Cause, Who has His one Effect and becomes irrelevant. Oh, maybe -- once in a while -- He tweaks things. But even a tweaking God would be pointless. Such a disengaged God would explain nothing else -- not Love; not Evil; not a thing that matters. No: If you believe in God, believe in God. Yes, He is first cause; but His effects are countless and renewed. Acknowledge His utter immanence -- and realize that there is no place in His Universe for any material independent of the supernatural.

I'll say it starkly, another way: Supernaturalism and Evolutionism are immiscible because they are competing faiths.

When I confessed to one of my brothers that I had returned to the True Faith, one of his first, flabbergasted responses was: "You mean you don't believe in evolution anymore?" This brother of mine remains non-Catholic; but at least he instinctively knew that God and Darwin coach different teams, and choosing one team takes you off the other.

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