Louder Fenn

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Intelligent Design Is Better Than Porn
Part I: The Premise That Dare Not Speak Its Name

It is very important that something is understood: Evolutionism does not come from any factual evidence. You don't look at a bunch of fossils -- or even a bunch of finches -- and say: "Holy smoke! Man evolved from lower life-forms!" No. Those who reject creation by God do so because they have philosophically rejected creation by God. Evolutionism is not the consequence of empirical observation; it is the consequence of a philosophy.

That philosophy, of course, is materialism. And materialism, in essence, says: Nothing exists that I cannot touch. If I can't measure it, it's unreal. If it can't be empirically quantified, it's delusion. If it has anything to do with the supernatural, it's false. At best, materialism utterly ignores the non-material. And for the materialist, all of this precedes the issue at hand. That is, Evolutionists do not say: How did we get here? Rather they say: Only the material exists. So how did we get here?

Do not accept it when an Evolutionist says: "I am only being scientific." He says this, of course, to shut you up. One, after all, cannot argue with science. And in a sense, one cannot. True facts are true facts; and it is the job of science to establish the true facts of the material world. But the Evolutionist is not first a scientist. He is first a philosopher. The "facts" he gathers are to support his philosophy. Yes, we can all be said to begin with a philosophy and then gather the facts to support it; but have you never noticed that Evolutionists seem to forget this when they browbeat the yokels into teaching the "facts" -- and never the underlying philosophy -- of evolution?

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