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Sunday, February 17, 2002

Intelligent Design Is Better Than Porn

Kevin Holtsberry, in his most recent BlogWatch, distills a comment of mine into: "intelligent design better than porn." As I discussed in an earlier post, unusual phrases are seeds; and Kevin has provided me with a wonderful seed.

Intelligent design, of course, is most immediately relevant to evolution; but the evolution of species being dependent upon genetic propagation -- upon reproduction, that is; upon, in our case, sex -- I think I can, without too much straining, begin with evolution and end with porn.

Before I begin, I should offer a familiar disclaimer: This is only a blog. I am not a scholar. I will not pretend I am about to make an absolutely unassailable case. My humility is informed by the immortal words of Jello Biafra:

You're a well-paid scientist
You only talk in facts
You know you're always right
'Cause you know how to prove it
Step by step

Jello, that well-known admirer of religion, would no doubt blanch at my quoting him; I am sure that far worthier sorts -- such as the Saint who gave my Confirmation name, St. Augustine -- are rolling their eyes; but doggerel (even of the Dead Kennedys sort) does tend to stick in the mind, and whenever I am daunted by a need to prove anything, step by step, I think of Jello's disdain and proceed as I will.

For Part I, see Tuesday, above.
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