Louder Fenn

Sunday, February 17, 2002

I have read several articles -- such as this one and this one -- that advise President Bush to veto the Shays-Meehan-McCain-Feingold-And-Other-Idiots "campaign-finance reform" bill.

This obscenity should be vetoed. It should be burned and its sponsors and supporters denounced as the anti-democrats that they are. How anyone, in his right mind, can think it is good to ban political advertising 60 days before an election; how anyone can think it is good to prevent citizens -- whether organized or not -- from coordinating with politicians; how anyone can vote for this out of anything other than sheer stupidity or cupidity (or cowardice)... It boggles the mind.

And will the President veto it? I have my doubts. I really like Bush -- like Peggy Noonan, I sometimes get misty-eyed at the possibilities of Dubya's greatness -- but I am not convinced yet. Of course his conduct of the war has been exemplary; and I believe his moment at Ground Zero revealed his essential soundness of soul; but sometimes, when it comes to domestic affairs, Bush gets wishy-washy. There is, after all, Bush's flabbergasting collusion with that festering beached-whale, Ted "Mary Jo Who?" Kennedy. Will Bush have the courage to veto what should be vetoed with extremest prejudice? I don't know.

There are flashes of hope. When I read, online, while at work, that Bush had made recess appointments of Scalia and Reich (bypassing the obstructionism of the despicable Daschle and Dodd), I actually exclaimed my happiness aloud (which turned some curious heads). That was an assertion of Presidential power against the mini-mindedness of Congress. So, maybe, in the end, Bush will do the right thing.

We can only hope.
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