Louder Fenn

Thursday, February 21, 2002

GRAB BAG. Woo-hoo! I got my first disturbing search request. Unfortunately, it's lame as these things go: "stories hard core porn." • In my previous post, I addressed the President -- who, of course, reads my blog every morning and every afternoon. It was kind of rude to call him a cynical liar. Sorry, sir. But veto it, anyway. Now get back to the war, sir. Thank you. • Rod Dreher has a bit about Lutherans objecting to the recent interfaith get-togethers. He includes some polls. I tend to distrust polls. Too many researchers rely on asking questions of people rather than observing what people actually do. In this case, at least, the poll asks what people think, and the only way to know that is to ask. Although it does seem odd to be polling about things as deep as belief in the existence of moral absolutes. It's kind of amusing, somehow. Anyhow, Dreher remarks on something I tend to think: That 9/11 didn't really change people all that much; at best it shifted things, slightly; and only some persistent pressure -- some ongoing disruption -- will really change anything. • I'll have some remarks, later, about writing fiction. For a writer I have made little mention, in this blog, of the Writing Art. A few remarks should be in order...
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